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Aly Mayhem™

Listen to the thunder of my heart-beat-beat-beat.


name; Aly Mayhem

age; 20

occupation; Wedding photographer

occupation 2; Photo Dept. Whore

status; Happily taken since Nov 4th '09 it's complicated..

"The tides will turn."
I feel..
lunatic: Adjective. 1. Suffering from lunacy; insane. 2. Of or for the insane.
The moon has a direct influence on the mind which can be seen and felt in varying ways during each unique phase of the moon. This is particularly hard for those who are slightly unstable as the pull that the moon exerts on the tides is also felt in the brain fluids, making the effects of mental illness more enhanced. This is how the asylums came to call their inmates 'lunatics' as they were worse, or more dangerous, during the full moon.

People born under the Cancer zodiac sign have an entire range of emotions packed inside them. One moment, you will see them as shy and timid and the next moment, they will be the center of attraction in a bunch of friends. They won't feel shy at all and bask in the glow of limelight. Cancerians are very attached to their home and family and are fiercely protective of them. The emotions of Cancerians are always kept guarded from others and they never ever forget a damage done to them. They are very touchy and even the slightest of the remarks can send them sulking into their protective shell or make them bold and confident.

Btw, I'm a freelance Makeup Artist.
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